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Development of surveying and electrification projects for different distribution companies in Galicia and Madrid, contemplating the modification or new implementation of three thousand kilometers of high voltage lines, two thousand transformation centers and twenty-three thousand kilometers of low voltage networks.

Approved by GAS Natural Fenosa


Project and design of new supplies and dismantling of existing facilities in Galicia associated with distribution companies.

Approved by GAS Natural Fenosa


Project, topography and management of projects of various business parks developed by the Xunta de Galicia through the IGVS or Xestur, in the province of Ourense.

Urban development projects associated with different general urban planning plans in the autonomous community of Galicia.


Land consolidation projects in different municipalities of the province of Ourense, including the topography of 4500 Ha. Of land and the cadastral identification and location of 5,300 owners.

Topographic survey of three thousand kilometers of high voltage lines, together with the parcel, the relation of goods and payment of the rights affected by the new projected traces.

Topographical survey for the development of different business parks in the Galician autonomous community, equivalent, in its totality, to an area of 650Ha.

Topographic survey of different new hydroelectric projects in the province of Ourense.


Project, work management and activity of new industrial implantations related to the plastic injection processes for the automotive sector.

Projects and management of works related to the supply, sanitation, purification and repair of existing road, in various rural areas belonging to the Galician autonomous community.

Recovery project of the historical center of Ribadavia.

Improvement of urban facilities and paving of the rural center of San Esteban de Rivas de Sil, with the aim of improving access to the National Parador of the same locality.


Various energy savings and efficiency projects in public lighting installations in the province of Ourense in accordance with IDAE regulations.

Energy audit of different administrative buildings of the Xunta de Galicia in the provinces of Ourense and Pontevedra.

Hipercor interior installations project in Ourense consisting of: medium voltage, center of reflection, lighting and low voltage.

Project of parking facilities and activity projected in the API 06-N corresponding to the PGOU of Ourense.

Projects and work management of Improvement of Energy Efficiency in the interior facilities belonging to the five existing Penitentiary Centers in Galicia.

Projects and works management for improvement of the facilities in the penitentiary centers of Teixeiro and A Lama, located in the autonomous community of Galicia, for the prevention of Legionella

Projects and work management of the installation of two photovoltaic fields of 190 kW in the Galician autonomous community.